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Bearded Dragon in the wild

So! Here I am... My first daily post.

As a rule, I try to take a photo every day but I don't post them straight away. Sometimes I just take photo's in and around the house if I don't have time to go out. This will be a challenge for me - to post a photo everyday, taken on that specific day... hmmmm

This was a typical Monday for me - Mondays = garden work, laundry and cleaning, yeah... boring I know. But someone has to do it! I don't do the garden work, have a gardener that takes care of that and do the garden maintenance once a week.

The gardener leaves at 4pm, then I can go out and do my thing... be it shopping or just go to our local dam and watch the ducks. Today I went to the nursery to buy fresh flowers for the home and also for my son's girlfriend for Valentine's day, Thursday.

You might think it is to early to buy flowers, but the day before and on Valentines day, the flowers, especially roses, double in price to start with, and also, if you don't buy early on Valentines day, the chances are that you won't get any!

I remove most of the leaves from the stems, so there are no leaves in the water. I mix 1 teaspoon of sugar, 1 teaspoon of jik (bleach) in a litre of water, cut the stems before putting them in the water. If you change the water every second day, the flowers should last for at least 2 weeks! Roses tend to go off quicker than other flowers. When I have roses in the bouquet, I cut their stems everytime I change the water - not much though... about 1cm or less - it works like magic! They take water up more easily and last a long time. I also use cold water in a spray bottle to spray them in hot weather.

I will take a picture of the bouquet tomorrow - the roses are quite something! Never seen a red&yellow rose before!

Enough of that... after I bought the flowers, I drove out of town to an outlook point - the view if beautiful from there. Walking back to my car, I was suprised to find a bearded dragon (Pogona vitticeps) sitting on a tree stump, enjoying the sun! It is the first time that I see one in the wild. I know they make popular reptile pets, seen them in Petshops and such, but never in the wild! I was quite impressed with my find - he was very patient with me and I took a whole lot of photo's!

Great shot to start my blog!

Thanks for visiting!

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