Sorting the stack

The stack is what this tall chimney at work is referred to.

The guys suspended from the crane are starting the process of fixing cracks from the February earthquake.

I think the stack has something to do with the boiler that heats the university in winter. No surprise I'm all for sorting the boiler!

Rumoured abound as to the fate of the building I work in where my laptop and personal belongings are trapped. An engineers report was due this afternoon so I might know more tomorrow. One thing is for sure, unless the building is safe or made safe to enter, no one will be going in.

I remind every day that regardless of any frustration I feel with only my phone to blip with, it is minor compared to what many in my city cope with.


Completing basic tasks takes longer. I'm constantly surprised that I still underestimate everything. A weekend in the country with all the things we take for granted - safe water from the tap, reliable sewer.... Only 2 more big sleeps to go.

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