Colourwall #3

In my quest to try and think of something else to do when I leave my current job, I was going to give my blipfolio a revamp on the off-chance that I might get lucky with it (quite how, I'm not sure) and secure a job taking photos for a living. I have been putting some thought into suitable category names that I can use to show off my best images, but am having trouble thinking of ones that don't sound too generic or wanky. So far (thanks to some pre-emptive suggestions by farsidehues) I've got Sky and Vintage. If you have any suggestions for the remaining three categories (preferably not laden with sarcasm) that you think would suit my stuff, I'd really appreciate it.

In other news, it seems there is a competition going on outside my flat as to who can be the loudest twat in Maadi. The horns are only just drowning out the shouting. I wish they'd pick a fucking winner and get on with it. Bring back the curfew, I say. I much prefer the sound of sporadic gunfire.

So far, taking photos in the boulevard of painted walls has been the highlight of my day.

How tragic.

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