Still In Halifax.

After a delightful breakfast at the B & B this morning, we headed off to a park close by. It was a glorious day in Halifax, no snow on the ground....anywhere....and it's was about 8 degrees! What a total delight!!!

This park has a disused canal running thro it and every so often there is a plaque with some historical information....which was very interesting at the time, but now totally alludes me!!!! something about lots of immigrant families, in the 1830's, a lot of from Ireland of course...digging and hacking away at rocks - hauling the rocks up quite a steep incline - using a pulley create the deep cuts that would become the canal.....only to have the railroads appear not too long after! Poor bloody sods....what a disappointment that must have been eh!

Anyway, it was pretty interesting reading, at the time, but i was far more captivated by the desire to take photographs of all sorts of things! This is one of the locks near the end of the canal where it meets the lake! Also had fun just watching the ducks frolic in the sunshine.....there was a lot of jockeying for mates going on i think!

then we picked up the clay and other materials....headed back up the road, home to Cape Breton. Halifax is about a 4 hour drive!

Thankfully it was glorious weather all the way.

Now home again, everyone fed and happy!

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