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A musician

This is my 11th entry for my pictures of people challenge. Only one to go!!!!

I heard this guy playing the guitar before I actually saw him as I was walking down the Royal Mile, back from work. I really enjoyed his music, so I put some money in his guitar case and then stopped for a bit to listen to him. Took a couple of photos, and then I went up to him and said that I'd really enjoyed that song. He was very thankful. Here we go, me chatting up random strangers again, hahaha!

There are quite a few musicians in the Royal Mile and, specially in the evenings, when it's a bit quieter, the sound is so good. I find it relaxing listening to them after a stressful day at work.

I was feeling rather tired today, since I'd worked till late last night and then back early this morning. I felt a bit as if I hadn't left the place. Work was busy but not too bad. I'll try to get a good sleep this evening if I can. Tomorrow I've got another long day finishing at 10pm, so expect a late blip.

Thanks very much for all your comments, they encourage me to keep going! I'll try my best later on today to catch up with comments on your blips.

Hope you all had a nice day!

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