Five things

By fivethings

A simple table

1. A walk home from work with Colin, downloading the things of the day as we stroll down the red carpet under the flowers, two sets of updates for us to digest.

2. We weave our way through the crowds, it seems busier than normal now the sun is out, chatting and listening as we go. We make it all the way to the river and part ways. It's a good way to ease from one part of the day to another.

3. I make my way to the theatre for an event we were running. I hadn't thought much about it before I arrived but I really enjoyed myself, more than that it moved me and I feel part of something.

4. So far we've ran two of these events and this table has appeared at each of them. Everyone involved so far has signed it and it will travel with us as we go, gathering the signatures of the people who have made the industry I work in what it is. That is a very precious table.

5. Ending the evening with supper and a chat. A lovely Thursday.

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