The second half of life..

By twigs

Valley Store

A busy day at work (I seem to be saying that a lot lately!) but a good one too. Felt like I achieved a lot and made a positive difference for a number of people.

A lot of that has to do with me and my conscious decision to create my own weather - to choose how I react to situations/people/events.

I'll happily take responsibility for the things I know I can control but I will not accept other people deflecting their responsibilities onto me.

So today, my weather was good :) I want it to stay that way, although I know there is the potential for a storm to brew next week.........I shall be prepared with sunscreen, a brolly, a wind-cheater and a woolly hat.......that should just about cover me I think!

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After work I decided to head to town to check out the local Harvey Norman stores computers. (Mine is getting a bit bogged, which should come as no surprise really as it turns out to be getting on for six and a half years old!) Last weekend I began my research into local stores wares and had pored over teh information I'd been given in various stores but hadn't been in to Harvey Norman. Anyway, in HN I got a lesson in how not to (in my humble opinion!) provide customer service!

I had talked to our techno-gurus at work and they'd come up with a bunch of specs they thought fitted what I 'needed' according to the info I'd given them. I asked the sales assistant for printouts of the 3 computer models I was looking at so I could go away and weigh things up against my deisrable specs.

"We don't have specs printouts".

So I asked if he would kindly write them down for me.

"We're not allowed to do that"

Instead, he showed me to their website, telling me I could look it up at home. I needed the model numbers so asked if he would write them down for me, which he did. I asked him to add the prices too.......

"We're not allowed to do that"


"OK - so if you give me the little piece of paper you've written the model numbers on and if you'll lend me your pen, I'll go and write the prices down"


......the first model number he'd written down was not one of those I was looking at in the store - in fact, it wasn't even in the store!

Aaaarrghhh times 2!!

[Remember - choose your weather]

So I expressed my frustration about the absence of what I thought would have been pretty standard ie specs information sheets, smiled and walked out.

I don't think I'll be buying from Harvey Norman!!!

This scene caught my eye as I took a wrong turn on the drive to HN - I thought the bikes looked about as old and cranky as my computer!!

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