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Me - Self Portrait

Of course the 12th entry for my pictures of people challenge had to be me! It's just fair! It was not easy, believe me. I don't like myself in pictures. I decided that this was the least horrible of them all! :)

Anyway. How can I describe myself? Facts: I'm short, have curly hair (as you can see) and greenish brown eyes. I'm 42, single so far and fancy humans from the opposite sex, strange creatures which I still don't understand! Hahaha! I work accidentally as a whisky tour guide although I'm trying to get into translation. I was crazy enough to leave my job in a bank to go to uni and do a translation and interpreting degree. Finished my degree right bang in the middle of the financial crisis! That explains everything!

My religion: live and let live. Be nice to me and I'll be nice to you. Be not nice to me and I'll forget all about your existence. I won't do to you anything that I wouldn't like you to do to me. And, pretty much, each one to their own.

Non facts: A bit of the odd one out and shy, maybe a bit too nice, which is a bad thing, patient, tolerant and I always try to be friendly (if you're nice to me, of course).

Long day at work, and I'm feeling tired. Glad I've got the weekend off. Planning to go to the gym tomorrow morning and plans will materialize in some sort of fashion later on during the day.

Thanks very much for all your nice comments and stars! Made me very happy!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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