Kirstie Gossage

By KirstieG

More pretty shoes

I do love my shoe collection!! These are special because they smell beautiful - I think its bubblegum, but not quite sure.

We went to a wedding reception tonight and I wore them. I took them off for people to have a whiff and I must admit they thought I was a bit bonkers until they smelt them - and agreed with me. Very strange!

I used to wear my shoes to death but now I look after them alot better. i have worn these half a dozen times but you wouldn't know, and they don't stinky smell ;)

Lovely wedding reception - old school friend of both me and Goose. The bride looked stunning and as lovely as it was, it reminded me how much I loved our wedding day in Vegas with close friends and family. Seriously amazing - and yes we did have Elvis and it was at The Little White Chapel. Awesome and thoroughly recommended.

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