Nicole's odd life

By oddlife


That was an insaaaaaaaaane day!

First day at new work. Induction I am told. Great I think, being shown where everything is, how the routine works ,meeting staff, patients, getting to know processes....that sort of thing.

Eh.....naw. Suddenly, I have 4 care assistants to be in charge of and myself and 1 other nurse responsible for 48 patients! Hello MASSIVE drugs round, on my own! Notes, on my own! (See trusty pen above!) Handover, on my own! Bunch of keys for every door/cupboard/treasure chest known to man now in my pocket.

I started at 7.45am and finally sat down to "breakfast" at 2.30pm. Escaped at 8pm tonight!

Then had to go to Asda...and get petrol and mothers day stuff and blar blar blar.

Off to tidy up some now since our sofa is finally bought, the deposit has been recieved and it's getting picked up whilst Mark and I are at work tomorrow! Yey!

Can't wait to get to bed!

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