The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm

Brown Teapot

It's a liberating feeling, not feeling the need to blip every day, but only when something happens to turn up. I met my challenge this week when I took my 365th consecutive blip. The following day was the last day of the month and in order to meet my one trip to a zoo per month quota I paid a visit to Bristol Zoo. Obviously I took some photographs so naturally I uploaded one of them. Yesterday, a photogenic set of CDs arrived in the post, a natural subject to be a blip. Today, nothing. By simply not taking a picture for twenty-four hours I can be free! The pattern will be broken, and thereafter other gaps will be inconsequential!

I put blipping to one side, and got on with other things - well, processing a backlog of earlier photographs, if the truth be known. As the day progressed though, a nervous twitch began to develop and my shutter finger developed a tic. It would be irrevocable, once the clock knelled the twelve chimes of doom, a finality that could not be undone. An unease set in. Perhaps I should take a picture, a safety shot, just in case? I wouldn't have to post it, it would just be there. So it was that at 2218 hr, I fired a single shot at an unremarkable plain brown teapot that lives next to the A-Z teapot previously blipped.

Then I thought, I've photographed it, I may as well blip it.

Is there a self help group for blippers?

Lens: Pentax 18-55mm

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