Registry raid

Or the Big Retrieval.

The emergency guys ran today's retrieval of work and personal gear from our damaged building like clock work. Their assessment of the engineers reports and hazard analysis allowed for up to 6 staff at a time into the building accompanied by 2 USAR people (Urban Search and Rescue), for a total of 15 minutes. That included using the stairs to get in and out.

We were issued with safety vests and hard hats and briefed on what to expect, what to do if an aftershock hit, what stairs to use etc. Time went much quicker than expected. My floor was assigned four 15min slots which allowed some of us a second trip in.

First on my list was my laptop. Not difficult to do since I'd left it inside 2 bags on the floor against my desk. Several books and a pot plant had hit the bag but despite that and a decent shake, so far so good.

I managed to get my ergonomic chair I was assessed and measured for several years ago, plus my wrist rest, graphics tablet and foot rest. All things that help keep me OSS free.

We ditched the monitor on the chair. It was thrown a distance off the stand on my desk and isn't worth keeping. We wanted all the cables from our monitors. We use a dual monitor and docking station arrangement and when we set them up we had trouble getting the correct cables needed. I ran out of time trying to get the cable off this monitor so one of the USAR guys carried it down for me.

Things looked messy, like a storm had passed through. Lots of stuff down and thrown around, just a big mess. I didn't examine the walls or building.

I'm pretty pleased to have retrieved these things and more, even more pleased to be out of the building. Thanks to Duncan for taking the photo :-)

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