Vintage shed

Old sheds dot the West Coast landscape. I could spend an entire trip stopping to photograph most of them ;-)

But it was a long drive home to Christchurch today and I limited myself to just one, with typical West Coast native bush behind it. I've made it a vintage shed as that is what they are to me.

We finished our stay at Okarito with a fine coffee at the kayak hire place. We drove in and out of rain on the West Coast. I can understand why Coasters feel agrieved with weather reports that paint a gloomier and wetter picture than is sometimes reality.

We've all had a great time and I know for Mum and Dad it's been a wonderful experience that they will always treasure. We're all tired but everything is unpacked and we're fed and watered. A good nights sleep will do wonders.

For me Mum and Dad's surprise and delight with the helicopter trip, and their appreciation of nature and willingness to make the most of it will be with me forever.

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