A more feminine image than usual. I played with the white balance to obtain the lovely purple color. I had never tried that before, and I really like it. So much control on such a basic level. Oh, and a little texture for fun. View in large.

I remembered promising I would share my project idea for Fiji when we got to April. The plan was to apply for a grant to help with the project, but I need more time to properly develop the plan, and the grant application expired on the 1st. And who knows...maybe I can pull it off without a grant.

When my husband and I first visited his family in Fiji back in 2004, I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the land and the people. Fiji is definitely not a wealthy country in the literal sense, but it rich in culture and tradition. After traveling back last year to introduce our beautiful little boys to all my husband's relatives, I noticed something. People were in awe of my camera. They thought it fancy and important, though I honestly still barely knew how to use it properly.

A few months ago, my husband and I were talking about Fiji and other cultures. We realized how most people in small villages and communities have very little access to photos. They cherish any photo of their family and children and even honor them in shrines. The would never dispose of any photo, because they are too precious. So you'll often see wrinkled, torn or spoiled photos prominently displayed for all to see.

The project is basic. It is to provide people in the villages of Fiji with family photos. We would take cameras, printers, paper and basic frames. I imagine we might be able to get many of the supplies donated to the project once we build a formal plan. My husband has family and friends all over the country, so we would have adequate access to many of the villages, and word of mouth spreads like wildfire.

I can envision us photographing families and individuals, printing the photos immediately, placing them into the frames and then directly into their hands. These would be treasures for these families. Of course this would all be free. The point is to give something we take for granted, and give it freely and without expectations.

I'm hoping by the summer, we will have our formal plan complete and even a simple website or Facebook dedicated to its progression.

Nap time for the boys!!

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