By Barking

Blip 180

I set myself the challenge of not blipping Cousteau or the beach for a week. It's now been 11 days since the beach has appeared and 14 days since Cousteau made an appearance on my journal. Time for another Cousteau blip, methinks.

It got me thinking. A couple of people I know have commented that I photograph the beach and the dog quite a lot. I now realise that the reason I photograph them more frequently than other subjects is that's what I like to photograph and that's what I like to look at.

I'd love to do more portraits but willing models are few and far between. Cousteau is happy to model for love and a few hugs (with the occasional biscuit thrown in).

So, I'll make no apologies for taking a 'cop out' or the 'easy option' by photographing my dog. It's no easier than taking a picture of person, child, flower or plant blowing in the breeze. In my opinion anyway.

Happy Birthday Ma. This is for you. x


Great minds


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