No... That sculptures definitely not flipping us the bird.

Is it?

It's the new Andy Scott (though I couldn't help thinking Terry Gilliam as I waited to see if the hand would hinge backwards and launch the two figures on up Clackmannan Road) on the Shillinghill Roundabout, at the end of The Ring Road... sorry, King Street... or is it Izatt Street? The map lists all three as being the name given to that road going down there. Not that you'd have much time to look at it if you were driving along here what with all the various roadworks, diversion signs and traffic lights on the go. Anyhow, you can see it much better in this journal.

I did a bit of scouting today around the usual spot I've been using to document the construction the new college campus up on the hillside here only to realise that the spot I've been using has the sculpture almost completely hidden. Oops. Some people I know will think that's just perfect.

It was too dark and too drizzly to try and get anything better than this today, well seeing it's the local school holidays through these parts this week. Hmmph.

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