Deer Hunters

Driving into to Stirling recently we've spotted a few roe deer in a field right next to the road most days, totally oblivious to the constant traffic noise a few yards away. So, along with the camera, Euan and I packed our .22s and headed off to see if we could bag some venison.

As if.

Takes me to squash spiders. Wasps, on the other hand...

Anyhow, we parked up in a very out-of-the-way industrial estate that had a few cars dotted around the anonymous looking units but absolutely no sign of activity otherwise and headed off to see what we could capture on silicon. Not much to be honest but it was good fun trying to sneak up on them through the trees and long grass and if it hadn't been for Euan and his trumpeting arse this would probably be a picture of some gambolling deer. Still, we counted at least 8 dotted around the various copses of trees so might pop back with a bit more camouflage. And a bit less wind.

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