New Dawn #15

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Was thinking there would be more foliage on the trees this month but, despite the rather pleasant spring sunshine (chilly and blowing a gale though), the trees are still pretty bare.

Lots of glass appearing now as the outer skin starts to be applied to the buildings, but the main addition I suppose this month is the sculpture on the roundabout. You can't see it here (unless you look really hard) as when I scored a cross on the brickwork to mark the position I'd be taking 18 month's worth of photos from I hadn't expected another Andy Scott to sprout up. Should've known better, that's the sixth now in the Wee County and I'm waiting to see if it's the council that runs out of roundabouts or the artist runs out of ideas first.

Petrol Price update: Not so much creeping as leaping up this month, up 4 pennies a litre to 130.9 for unleaded and another 6p to 137.9 for diesel. We're driving off to the north west of Scotland on Saturday and I'm scared to think what the cost for a litre of the stuff is up there this week.

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