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Wifeless and Sisterless

That's what me and Euan are for the next six days.

Heather turned sixteen last month and this was her birthday present from Mum and Dad (although Mum seems to have gotten the better end of the deal this time). So, along with two other friends, they're jetting off to New York for a few days of living the high life.

Interesting to note that as well as the usual necessaries for a girly trip away (shoes and... well... shoes) there's two laptops, an iPod Touch and an iPhone going along with their accompanying bag full of cables that might generate some interest at the airport X-Ray machines. And the Apple store in Manhattan is on the itinerary too. That's my gadget girls!

All this technology will hopefully allow us to keep in close touch from either side of the Atlantic. I certainly hope so anyway, 'cause I need to ask Samantha where she's stashed the Domino Pizza menu.

Missing you already...


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