Wee Gem

Named, I'm assuming, after the nickname some locals have for Grangemouth in the distance there. Not sure where that's from, I'm sure some of the Auld Toon crew on here will know better.

Possibly the shortest blip-meet ever this afternoon, just me and Thinstography for some dodgy dealings down a secluded back road outside Kincardine. 'Nuff said.

I then biked it on underneath the other Forth bridges and watch this little blue boat (that always seems to be moored up here) bob around in the water. Cycled back through some light showers and got home just as the sun came out. Typical.

Still, I can now get on with some guilt-free Easter Saturday over indulgence. My better half forewent the usual chocolate easter egg for me this year and she handed over a nice bottle of Dow's Port instead. That's why I love her.

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