Bernadette's Vision

By Bernadette

DIY Central

Our house is always full of DIY projects. Today my Dad is completing a project we've discussed for a year. A rotating Compost tumbler. Why you say? I've tried numerous composters and they don't work. Saw a picture of a tumbler in EarthNews and thought we could try it.

To save on cost I contacted a friend at a carwash and asked for any left over 50 Gal plastic drums. Picked it up in the snowy weather so it has sat until now. Dad bought wheels and used an old pallet we had to mount it. Cut a door in it, attached hinges and will drill air holes, paint it black, add soil, water, worms and VOILA.

We should now be able to make rich composted soil in 14 days and save our backs from the grueling job of turning the soil with a pitchfork. Talk about "Excitement", I am jumping up and down thinking of the money I'll save not buying soil!

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