Trixie's Adventures

By TrixieTheCollie

Walking Weekend

I am soooo excited. I'm off on a walking weekend. I'm going to North Cornwall and am going to be walking a couple more sections of the SWCP. I love sniffing around in new places and going on walks where I've not been before. My little tail wags so hard I think it's going to fall off.

My owner says I've been away enough times now to be able to pack my own bag. It's hard going away for the weekend though. I have to take loads of stuff with me:

Travel duvet (that's already in the car)
Food - well I don't want to be hungry do I?
Feeding & water bowls - I've also got my super duper travel bowl to take with me on my walks.
Spare collar & lead
Extendable lead
Towels - lots of them. I'm hoping I can find loads of muddy bogs where I can wallow & get mucky!
Dental sticks
Poo bags

This weekend is going to be great. I am soooo looking forward to it.

I'm staying in a B&B in the middle of no-where. It's advertised as having wifi but I'm not convinced?! I'm hoping I'll be able to blip while away but if I can't I'll back blip on Monday.

Have a fab weekend everyone.

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