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By jacksmom726

American Goldfinch

What a wonderful surprise to see the Goldfinches back in the yard!! As of yesterday, we've had about 7 or 8 at a time flying around, singing their pretty songs. I've put up two thistle feeders for them, and this male is enjoying some food on one of them!

It looks like this male is starting to get it's 'summer plumage'....the brighter yellow feathers you see here. By mid-summer, he will be a very bright color yellow, with a vibrant orange beak. During the winter months, the male Goldfinches bright colors are replaced by a dull, olive color until the moulting season in early Spring. The male uses the bright summer colors to attract a mate, and is generally monogamous, with the female producing one brood a year.

The female is a dull yellow-brown color only brightening a little bit during the summer months.

Looks like a pretty nice day today...the sun is out with just a few clouds!! I hope you all have a fun filled day today!!

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