All that is beautiful

By sharob

Just the two of us ...

So, Mr G thought that it would be a great idea to go to the beach. My friend, and fellow blipper, MrsC always takes beautiful pictures of her favourite beach so I said that we should go visit. On the way, the temp was a beautiful 18 degress, but it was getting lower the closer we were getting to the coast, going down to 13 as we pulled up in the expensive pay and display car park, it was very windy so we thought it was going to be a hopeless afternoon. We got to the beach and only had an hour, stupid me didn't put 50p in for an extra hour so we only had 1 hour on the front. When there, it was beautiful, an enclosed bay, the warm sun beating down on us. Clara wanted to go see the sea, so I started to run with her .. realising that we'd been walking and running for ages, and Mr G and Storm were the size of ants, and it only looked as though we'd got half way, we decided to turn back. We had some picnic, Mr G buried the girls in the sand which they thought was hilarious, then we packed up and came home.

MrsC, your beach is beautiful, we shall definitely go again! Next time, we'll either pay £5 for all day parking or you'll tell us where is better to park :) A lovely day .. and tonight, much against my will, we're going to the local pub to watch the local band play. Woo hoo. I really can't wait. I hate alcohol, I hate pubs .. I love my friends dearly, but this is not my favourite environment, which is going to be very crowded, and no doubt, we'll be late, so probably standing for the evening .. I know I'll probably enjoy it when we're out, but I just want to sit indoors, watch a movie, eat some pizza and talking about this wedding which we're supposed to be planning!!!

Anyway .. my blip today is me and Clara running for the oasis! :)

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