Daily Wild

By emyjane

Beauty Tip

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For days I've been chasing butterflies around the garden hoping they would land! The holly blue was obedient, but the orange tip butterflies more of a hassle to stay still.

Until this female flew past me, fluttered for ages, before it finally settled on a silver birch leaf - look once & you'd miss it, look twice you'd see this delicately beautifully patterned butterfly - rare in the butterfly world when you have a distinct male & a distinct female that the latter is so pretty, but only on the side, it's only the male once wings have opened do you see it's orange pattern - see here for the male.

Anyway, I'll stop rambling, I'm dead chuffed with this photo, it was very breezy, but she was so obliging to sit there while I held the leaf still & got this shot of her!

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