The second half of life..

By twigs

Paw-s - breathe

It was a challenging day from the outset - as soon as I got up I noticed that the phone had been off the hook all night so come the time when I wanted to use it, it simply didn't have enough juice left in it to last more than about 10 minutes.

Spent today slaving over my computer (which is dying a slow and painful death) doing work on a photographic assignment which needed to be done. I'm sure I would have been a lot quicker if my computer wasn't so clunky. Add it to the growing list of things that need to be fixed/upgraded :(

Finally got the assignment finished late this afternoon and submitted it - though I don't feel too confident about the quality! I simply got to a stage where I needed to just do it - so I can move on to the next stage :)

So between my phone, my computer and me, it's been a day of challenges.

Sometimes it would be nice just to be a cat and loll around in the garden preening and sleeping - and occasionally venturing indoors for a bite to eat.

Hmmmmm.......just realised - that sounds exactly like what I'll be doing in 5 sleeps time when the holidays get here.

Wooo hooo!!


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