Clare's Symi

By claresymi

The Tortoise and The Clare

What a fabulous day. The sun is shining, the sky is blue with just a few fluffy, white clouds and the harbour is finally starting to buzz as if the season is beginning. And, nearly forgot, no hangover - yippee!

It was a perfect day for a long walk to Nimborio with my good friend Antonella, taking lots of snaps and having a good natter. If only every day could be like this.

On my way down to meet Anto, this little girl nearly fell foul of one of my feet but fortunately I saw her in time. She is only a baby with a shell smaller than my hand. I'm hoping that her home is somewhere on my route to work because I want to see her grow up and have decided that she should be called Tara the Tortoise (why do I insist on giving ALL creatures a name?).

Before I came to live in Symi I'd never seen a wild tortoise - only those that people kept as pets. Even here they're not that common a sight so I was really excited with this find and just had to Blip her. There are more shots of her here.

Had I not seen Tara my Blip for today might have been:

Not Driving Miss Daisy


Cat Door

Sorry about the corny title - I had too.

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