horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

Buzzard Battle

Not the best shot of the day, but it's not every day that you get not one, not two, but three Buzzards indulging in a bit of argy-bargy over your back garden. Of course they were terribly unsporting and conducted these fights (grabbing talon-to-talon and tumbling down the sky a bit) at a ridiculous height, and against the only cloud in the sky, so decent shots were not to be had. And only one broke off and came close enough for a good look (I'm convinced, given we had four chickens and a cat out in the garden at the time that his circling over us was no coincidence).

Actually, the day had started bird-well, after I spotted the Figgy Park Little Grebes building their nest. Expect more pics in the future, such as when they look coquettish or catch a fish before battering it into submission...

Oh, there were some baby bunnies taking their early trips outside as well...

And I see that Blipfoto got namechecked in the Scotland on Sunday today, in a sort of 'jokey' Blippers are really annoying, kinda way. I have a feeling, with the namecheck, that it might be someone involved in the site, but it was an odd disjointed piece just basically listing people who annoyed the chap in a fairly predictable manner (it appears to be a regular slot). I'm not thinking too much about the fact that when I was in my Blip-Rant pomp about a year back (which I've been considering returning to) I suggested such a regular item to this very newspaper. Ah well.

New job start tomorrow. Almost an after-thought that.

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