Another Bench

Thought I'd get this one out of the road early on. There are loads and loads and loads of great pictures taken of Eilean Donan Castle, it's appeared in numerous TV programmes and, and it's stood in for the archetypal Scottish Castle in many films too. So there's no point in trying to labour the point, and as the weather forecast's maybe not going to give us the opportunity of seeing this in sunshine anytime in the next couple of days, here is a picture of...

Eilean Donan Castle

At the very least, it's given me another addition to the bench series, and, to be fair, taken here from what must be one of Scotland's most scenic recycling points, it's still an impressive sight.

Had a good drive around some great single track roads today in glorious sunshine. Loads of spectacular views, plenty of photographs and a short ferry trip across to the Isle of Skye for a return back to the mainland over the hump-backed Skye Bridge.

The weather's closing in now so will be getting the log burner on and settle down to an evening's entertainment with boggle, cards and Mrs Brown's Boys. All this fresh air seems to make everyone sleepy so we'll see if we get past nine o'clock before the sniper starts to pick us all off.

Tea's on the table and everyone's shouting at me now. Gotta go or there'll be nowt left.

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