Gillipaw's Journal

By Gillipaw

2011 Challenge : Excitement : My 730 Blipday

Back to where it all began two years ago. A poignant visit, as tomorrow it will be ten years since Dad left us. It is interesting to compare the two images and although hard to take it into the sunshine, I wanted to bring out the texture and colour of the stone. Two years ago it was point and shoot, now each image is much more carefully taken and edited.

I struggled to 365, made it to 500, but doubted I would get to 730 without any gaps. I have, and am still enjoying the daily challenge. The highlight of the last year has to be passing the T189 OU Digital Photography Course.

I had a lovely day, made all the more special by another Blipmeet. I met Mags for the first time, said "Hi" to KillerQueen, lunch in the sunshine with Eubers and Goretex, and a big hug from aldomak.

My thanks to all who drop by, to everyone who has given me support and advice, and to the Blipcentral Crew for a great site. Particular mention to my Blip Adviser CeeJ who never complains when I just want to take one more photo.

Where next? Let's see.


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