Gillipaw's Journal

By Gillipaw


I've reached my goal - 365 blips without any gaps. I admit to being delighted and relieved about it. I have already opened the bottle to celebrate. Joan (celebrating 200 today) and Hilary got me into blipping, and after Hilary passed away I decided to take this up for a year in her memory. A very special thanks to my Blip Advisor who has been incredibly supportive.

I decided to include something from each of my other milestone blips :-

Blip 1 - The Firebird - a significant image for our family. This time a drawing.
Blip 100 - The Toblerone and glass of my favourite wine.
Blip 200 - The Scrabble words.
Blip 300 - The Creme egg.

And the walnut whip 16 January 2010 blip - probably my most favourite treat - after Goretex's tablet of course, but we haven't seen each other just recently for a restock. Perhaps she will make me some as part of my Blip Achievement?!

Thank you to all my subscribers and to everyone who drops by to view my journal. Over 53,200 views to date. Thanks to Joe and Co at Blipcentral for this superb site. A year ago I would never have realised the opportunities that would come my way - chances to have my images viewed on the big screen, and in print.

So where now - well I have found it very time consuming, however I do so enjoy it here and intend to keep going. I will be off somewhere interesting very soon, so more about that tomorrow.

PS I know the last "S" is upside down - never mind.


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