Gillipaw's Journal

By Gillipaw

Off to Poland

My thanks to everyone for your wonderful support and comments on my 365th Blip yesterday. I could hardly believe the response - what a great place this is. So many red balloons around this weekend, celebrating various Blipdays.

Onwards to Poland. I have been planning this trip for some months, and travel tomorrow. I realise that I will now be visiting a country in mourning after the tragic air disaster yesterday. I will just have to be guided by my hosts and be sensitive to the situation. The plan was to visit central Poland, Krakow and Zakopane - I do hope I am able to visit some of these places.

I last visited the country back in 1984 on a cultural exchange, when martial law had just been lifted. I am sure I will find quite a different place now. My abiding memory is of the wonderful warmth and hospitality I received then.

I will be away for a week, and then come back to a very busy time, so I may not be around on Blip for the next couple of weeks. I will be taking lots of photographs and will share some of these on my return.

A year ago today saw my start on Blipfoto. Thinking of Dad on this anniversary.

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