Who am I to disagree?

By longshanks

Lazy sunday afternoon

I've got no mind to worry
Close my eyes and drift away

Another visit to the Ythan Estuary, you'll have to check out RCB's 100th Blip to find out why - especially christinePears & sheilwill - even with the telescope on 60x magnification it was tricky to identify!

Edit, perhaps a bit of an explanation to my above cryptic comment is required! The Bonaparte's Gull that RCB blipped was the reason for the journey. His blip photo was actually a 300x150 crop from a 5184x3456 original that was then resized to 600x300 and sharpened - it was a long way away. Back on the 7th April Christine went to Dunnet Beach to check out a Bonaparte's that I'd mentioned had been there for a couple of days. She failed to find it, but given today's experience with all the gear I've got, that's probably not surprising. However a tongue in cheek comment from Sheila got Christine thinking I'd been on the wind up! So a couple of days later when a Bonaparte's was reported nearer to Perth I had to make the trip. In my photo, there are no birds, only seals - Grey Seals I'm reliably informed.

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