creative lenna

By creativelenna


I did not plan this photograph out. After swimming today though, I thought my parent's pool looked like something I should photograph! And right after I took it, I could see immediately that this was going to be interesting. What fun! I love the repetition of the house, plants, table + chairs, trees . . . large makes for better viewing.

Yes, it is hot enough here in Florida to swim outside now! I was on Anna Maria island for a Nia dance class with my mom today. We took separate cars because she had to leave early for an appointment. So on my own after class I poked around the adjacent store and then drove a quick 5 minutes to the North Shore. I was surprised the beach was not more crowded, being spring break and all. I'm not much of a 'beach girl' as in sit on the beach - I am too busy to sit in the sun too long! But I did very much enjoy walking on the sand, observing and taking a few pictures. The water was so turquoise blue! I've been beavering away, working hard on my mixed media lessons and a large art swap, so it felt great to goof off and play! : ^ ) Here is wishing you a good day and many thanks for visiting.

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