Clare's Symi

By claresymi

Not a Swallow...or a Dolphin

A pair of swallows have taken a liking to the inside of the supermarket I work in and all day have been flying in, settling in the light fittings above the cashier area for a while and then flying out again. Throughout the day I've been trying to get a decent picture of them but due to the pathetic zoom on my camera and my pathetic skills at getting a shot of anything that isn't stationary and close by, I didn't manage to get even one picture I'd be happy to share. Possible Blip subject #1 - failed.

As I walked round the harbour this afternoon one of the mooring men roared up on his moped and told a group of people,who were relaxing on their nearby yacht, that there was a dolphin in the harbour. It was one of a family of three who've been in the waters around Symi recently. I decided to hang around for while to see if I could catch sight of it. Apparently the yachties spotted it. I didn't. Possible Blip subject #2 - failed.

Here's a picture of part of boat.

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