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Birthday Reflection

Today has been a bit tough, but even so we have managed to get some stuff done. We are all exhausted from the birthday shenanigans of the last two days.

Baby must be tired as he even fell on me this morning in bed. I am not sure how it happened really apart from being woken by hearing him make a noise that sounded like "Hey" which he then followed up with a slap to my face. In self defense I pulled him in and he then seemed to go to sleep.

We decided that we should try a car trip this morning ironically to select a new car seat as the little ones do insist on growing. Car trips are frought with stress for us due to toddler and her car sickness.

We managed to get there ok and choose a seat that both I was happy with the trusted make and one where toddler liked the colour. I have to say it will feel quite strange putting a clean car seat with a fresh smell in the car compared to the usual fabreeze / childs sick soaked one.

On the way back the traffic was quite slow and toddler had a turn so I had to pullover quick to stop for air and a chat.

Toddler: I want to sit on your lap
Me: But I have to drive
Toddler: I want to sit on your lap
Me: Sorry but you can not sit on my lap as the policemen don't like it, and .
Toddler: I can help you drive
Me: I dont think that is allowed
Wife: Why dont you sit in your seat and tell Daddy which way to go
Me: Yeah lets do that
Toddler: I want a cuddle

Shortly after this she was back in her seat and we were off in a Toddler chosen direction. She then enforced a speed limit of 11mph. Still we got home in time for lunch.

We tried to go out and enjoy the sunshine later on but all failed miserably as Baby and Wife slept, I was nodding off, Toddler was travelled out. So we put on Toy Story before a quick garden blip of Toddler with her birthday badges on. I used the reflector again which Toddler found way to bright, to be fair it hurt my tired eyes also.

To infinity and beyond!

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