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Animal Party

Today was Toddlers birthday picnic so we headed down to the Portsmouth Natural History Museum gardens nice and early. We were up late making sandwices last night and we were then woken by some idiots running down our road in the middle of the night shouting and popping Toddlers birthday ballons outside, so today we were starting tired.

A few of her friends came down to join us so it was basically toddler chaos for a couple of hours. They all seemed to have a great time though and the cake went down a storm, but then it was covered in smarties, so I was not too surprised. We also got brilliant animal masks for all the children which they all had fun with.

Toddler seemed to be on a high all day after the party and was completley full of beans. We however were completely the opposite and all we wanted to do was crash out. So we thought we would be a bit rubbish and put the telly on for a bit to occupy the little ones and relax a little.

Toddler had other ideas and for the first time ever flattly refused to watch telly and insisted that she ride the second hand bike she wa given yesterday. She struggles with her scooter but is excellent on the bike and already is charging up and down the back garden. This afternoon she even cycled to the shops.

After dinner we all hit the wall and straight after bath time Wife, Toddler and Baby are all asleep whilst I blip and drink tea.

To think all this tiredness started about three years ago, and I am sure we will have a bit more still to come!

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