wander, stumble, wonder

By imo_weg

Doesn't matter how good a day you have...

... sometimes the good photo just doesn't quite happen.

Busy busy busy today. Good day at work, really getting into the swing of it, much more certain about what I'm doing, especially since the direction I thought I'd take a project was supported by the big boss people. It's good to be busy, makes me far less tired by the end of the day (isn't is strange that having nothing to do is so much more tiring sometimes). Then on the bus home, the sunset looked wonderful out of the window, as I was reflecting on how good the day had been, so I tried to get some shots, but really, it's not easy. So here's one when I finally got off the bus. The colours were fading fast, and I had to do my best with a limited view. So here it is.

Last night, Mum and I started watching North and South. Not quite sure how we missed it when it was on here, apparently everyone else has seen it, but I had to remind Mum that we couldn't watch another episode because it was too late. That never happens! So after I got home at 9:45pm this evening, we watched one the final two episodes, this time sucking Dad in too (and kicking the cat out, after he once again displayed his proficiency with computer keyboards - muting and exiting front row just by stepping on the buttons). It's now 1am. Oh well. Holidays have I. :D Really did enjoy it though. I haven't read anything by Elizabeth Gaskill, but might have to find something now. Fine cast, although I will admit having a slight soft spot for Richard Armitage. I am wondering, however, if he's able to smile. Perhaps it doesn't help that I've only seen him in slightly tortured roles - Guy of Gisborne, Lucas North, and Whatsit in this one, but I'm sure he must be able to do more than gaze moodily out windows and smirk when he gets his way. I always find it amusing to watch British period dramas, seeing the same people and costumes popping up all through the ages. I sometimes wonder if maybe the BBC shouldn't invest in some kind of loyalty scheme - act in 4 period dramas, do the 5th for free? Perhaps they could work with ITV, and then Downton Abbey could be included too...

And that's pretty much it for today (well yesterday my time, but today bliptime). Nothing outrageously new, nothing terribly old, life's just ticking along nicely.

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