I woke in terrific form and remained like that all day.

It was good to be in when my mater Derek phoned and to be able to quench his coffee thirst. We had a great chat. As I saw him to the door I was greeted with a real blast of warm air. It was a fantastic day, and I just had to get out and about. I'd mentioned to Derek that I'd probably do one of my hop-on-the-DART-and-do-a-walk-somewhere things, which usually sees me in Malahide or Sutton or Howth or somewhere like that, but I changed my mind when it actually came to going out and drove over to the Phoenix Park instead.

I re-visited the area around the playing fields and the polo ground where I'd last been at the end of February. It was as wonderful today as it was then, though, noticeably warmer. This is a view of one of the sports clubhouses, glimpsed through the trees. I liked the splash of yellow and the dappled sunlight.

I've also back-blipped yesterday, just in case anyone is interested.

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