creative lenna

By creativelenna

water and light

My sister, brother-in-law and one of my nephews have been visiting for the past week and will leave on Friday. Today they are traveling about 240 miles to Miami so my nephew can look at the University there. He will be a senior in the fall and so is in that process, phew. As it is now in the 80's here in Bradenton, while they have been here we have been spending late afternoons chatting by my parent's pool -and jumping in! I love to swim. About a week ago before everyone got here I blipped an interesting and geometric photo of reflections in the very still pool. Someone at the time - I think it was Nell . . . No, it was berelaxed who said it would be interesting to come back and photograph the water when it had ripples . . . .

See the ideas you give me?? I took a number of photos but found this one most interesting with the shapes of sunlight and the palms reflecting. I only processed it minimally to brighten it up. I've also added a few other photos of my parent's garden-like home -in my blipfolio. I have tons of photos from their home on my computer but I have put up just 6, well 7, for now and I hope you enjoy. I am like a little kid when I visit my parents, always sneaking out and photographing all the amazing plants, etc on their property on the bayou. I love it!

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