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NEPAL TRIP 2011: Day Two: Indira International

Day Two, Delhi, India
Note: For a full explanation of this trip see Day One (yesterday).

Apparently flying to Nepal is not so easy our flights worked like this:
8.5 Hours- Toronto to Brussels
2.0 Hours- Stop in Brussels
8.5 Hours- Brussels to Delhi
9.5 Hours- Layover in Delhi Airport.

At this point in the trip we sat smack in the middle of the 9.5 hour layover. It would have been nice to go out and explore Delhi but unfortunately we arrived in the middle of the night and secondly Indian customs/immigration takes so long that it would not be worthwhile. So we had nine hours to sleep/ explore the massive airport. Sleeping definitely was not working for me (the boarding announcements seem to get louder and louder) so I went and snapped pictures of the newly built airport.

This picture is of a large sculpture of Krishna a part of Hinduism. It was massive.

~Carter Smith

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