wander, stumble, wonder

By imo_weg


You know when you're channel surfing, and happen upon a movie that looks interesting. You don't notice what it's called, and it started 10 minutes ago, but you get into it anyway. Then you start to think "hmmm, I know this is in Italian and English, and has Cate Blanchett, but I'm certain it feels like something that German director Tom Tykwer might do. The music especially. Serious Lola Rennt and Der Krieger und die Kaiserin flashbacks here." (Of course you think of the titles in their original language. It's important to remain pretentious in your conversations with yourself.) You press that magic button that tells all, see the movie's called Heaven and think "it's not implausible that this is that other one he made that someone told me to watch, and someone else told me not to watch." Your magic interwebbed phone confirms, and you continue to watch in smug contentedness.

Not that's ever happened to me. While babysitting. Never. I don't channel surf. I stick purely to the news channel. And wouldn't ever go near SBS late at night. That's just risky. You may end up finding (on another hypothetical evening) a strange movie about an Algerian refugee hiding in a French monastery while discovering his calling as a cross-dresser.

Seriously. Who'd channel surf? Where's the fun in it?

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