2011 photo resolution

By karenanya

Tiger in the Wisteria

Been at home all day waiting in for a delivery and installation engineer. Finally tackled some ironing but then got distracted by the garden (a smallish town garden but alive at the moment).

This large caterpillar was (and still is) munching its way through the wisteria. I think it is a scarlet tiger moth caterpillar Callimorpha dominula. It is certainly stocking up on food.

According to UK Safari, the day-flying moths have forewings of an iridescent blue-black-green colour with patches of yellow and white. They are always found close to water, damp meadows or coastal areas (we are close to a river). The caterpillar food plant is given as bramble, comfrey and nettle - I wonder if mine just has exotic tastes?

Deliveries now complete, washing on line (agh - more potential ironing!) and new Tivo thingy installed (but no instruction books yet....)

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