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By JeffGreene

Time to Sell

Back in 1988 I won a contest sponsored by the Dot Line Corporation by correctly predicting the spot price of silver on the day of the company's 25th Anniversary. My prediction of $8.37 an ounce was the closest (I was off by $0.07), and I won the Grand Prize of 25 troy ounces of silver bullion.

I stashed the bars away for the last 23 years because the price remained fairly stable and I thought it was cool to own bars of pure silver.

Until this week...

The global silver market is off the charts and is at its highest levels since the Hunt brothers tried to corner the market in 1980. The current price at this moment is $46.47 an ounce. I'm holding on to mine until it dips significantly, or hits $50, then I'm selling...

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