Dogs in the Pond!

I can't believe these crazy dogs went into the pond, going after stones that Max was throwing in for them!!!! I mean just look at the ice still there!!!

Also, you can really see the damage the ice has done to the poor old dock this winter....i'm wondering who is going to get the job of fixing that one !

Feeling a bit on the slow and tired side....spent a crazy evening with a bunch of wild folks up in Sydney, i tell you, these Cape Bretoners are certainly living up to their reputation!!!! There was a wonderful array of musical talent, and we sang and a couple of us even danced...till the wee small hours of the morning! Then Joan, the friend i was staying the night with....wove our way thro the streets, arm in arm.....checking out the crocus - and talked our heads off! Nothing like making new 'girlfriends' - i had a blast, but not too much an early night i think!

Have a glorious weekend!

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