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Quarry Trail

I've photographed this site a number of times, as these distinctive stone posts are quite a feature of the north-east side of Baildon Moor. They have been attributed as having held hand rails that helped quarry workers navigate the route between their cottages at Moorside and the adjacent Eaves Crags. This story is told in much more detail in an article on the Lost Villages of Baildon Moor.

Normally I arrive at this spot having been wandering the moor, but today we were on an Easter Treasure Hunt around the village. We had to track down eighteen photographed locations, and take our own photos, including team members, when we had identified the spot. This had us zipping about the village, around Shipley Glen and over the moor. This spot was in between two of the locations, and apart from the posts, you get a fine view across to the high part of Rombald's Moor to the north.

The fine weather has continued, and we ate both main meals in the garden today, which is unheard of for August, let alone April. The mucky haze that has dominated for the past few days (all that holiday traffic?) finally cleared, and we had some great cloudscapes in the morning.

ancient stone ~ hewn ~ by quarrymen ~ guiding their path ~ home

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