Photo-a-day retirement

By mpp26

Remembrance, thoughts, lest we forget.

Rosemary - for remembrance
Pansy - for thoughts
Poppy - lest we forget

Anzac Day - 96years since the event we are commemorating, yet our thoughts are still with all those who have died or served wherever it has been.

And also for those who still grieve, and for those who waited, so often in vain.

I think of my father WW2 served in Guadal Canal, and very rarely ever spoke of his experiences, and then only of things that happened that were good.

My grandfather WW1 who came back and married, but was so affected by what would now be recognised as Post Traumatic Stress that the marriage ended. So much sadness.

It seems to be a day which binds New Zealand together - long may it be that way.

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