Photo-a-day retirement

By mpp26

Every family has a story

Anzac Day in New Zealand today, and lots of NZ blippers marking the day, which has become increasingly important over recent years.

This photo and the document are part of my family's story - my dad served overseas in Guadal Canal in the Solomon Islands, as a leading aircraftman in the communications section.

He wanted to be a tail gunner but because of his age he had to have parental consent and grandad wouldn't sign the papers! Thank goodness

He met mum during the war, but was sent overseas. When he came back she met him in Picton, and this photo is taken there, as he always said, after the war all he wanted was to marry mum and for there to be peace.

The words engraved on the monument say Peace, perfect peace.

They had 31 wonderful years together, until he died very young at the age of 54.

So many stories, there wouldn't be a family that had members living in NZ at that time that wasn't affected by the war.

Although technically it is not our national day it has become so, since Waitangi Day which should be our national day is often marred by divisiveness and and protest.

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