Fiddler fiddling...

Another amazing night of music at Deane and Otis's place! The place was hopping when we arrived around 9 pm - and music in full swing in 2 different areas. The traditional music makers sat in a circle in the main house, fiddles, pipes, guitars and a flute i think! once these guys get going, they just seem to continue on thro many different tunes, while i was listening it was mostly Irish pieces! then over in Otis's workshop another circle of about 12 folks - with guitars, fiddles, harps and a drum....where playing a more uptempo type of music - some Cohen, some originals from musicians there.....a very energetic sound! I am so blown away by the caliber of musicians that gather at these is just amazing! Otis is a world renowned, master violin maker....his workshop is a totally creative and astonishing place. I've posted some other images in my blipfolio, under Other stuff.... from the evening and of the amazing collection of 'stuff' accumulated by Deane and Otis over the 30 odd years they have lived there. It was like a museum in some parts.....i could have spent hours photographing such a variety of interesting pieces.

We finally headed home around 2am......feeling very satisfied and happy.

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