One year on

A year on from my first blip. Can it really be a year ago that I was in Paris with my fellow students? Well, of course it is and I have blipfoto to remind me. The first half of my blipping year was erratic, to say the least, as I uploaded pictures only as and when I took them, rather than really entering into the blipping spirit. However since the end of October I have been blipping 'properly' with a picture every day.
Anyway, the beautiful weather today also reminds me of Paris, and the scent and cascading flowers of a neighbour's Wisteria are one further reminder, as there was some beautiful Wisteria in flower in Montmartre at the top of a long flight of steps leading down the hill, near the Sacre Coeur.

Of course! I didn't need to link back to that first blip because now I have my first 'One year ago' thumbnail.

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